This project was supported in part by grants from:

UC Davis 1996-97, 1998-99 Faculty Research Grant;
San Jose Sate University 1996-97 Faculty Development Grant;
1996-97 CSU Grant

Special thanks to:

UCD students - Jenny Chang, Jackie Vuong, Jaime Gabriel,
Rima Suzuki, Li Shen, Jennifer Pierce and Raquel Soriano
for assisting with the designs and writing the code for
the pages.

Doug Quick and Tony Tam of for designing
the database and forms for our "Speaking Out" and our "In
Memorial"interactive sections.

Laura Mills, UCD Staff Research Associate, for her gathering
of the information for the Resources section.

Rob Brower and the Web Design Service of the UCD Design
Program for technical assistance and guidance.

Historical References:
Fasting Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg,
Holy Anorexia by Rudolph Bell.

The main office staff in the Environmental Design Department
at UCD for typing and proofreading.

Ralph Brave for editing. Barbara Molloy for proofreading.

Betty Nelson for her cake calligraphy.

A special thanks to those who have contributed stories:

    Kathleen Seabolt for her personal narrative in the
    Bulimia Section and for her suggestion to use
    pastries in that section.

    To the initial people who wrote stories for the Speaking
    Out section - Mel, Michele, Jennifer.

    Thanks in advance to all others willing to share their
    experiences and stories with us.

    Art Leslie for photographic assistance. Mouth photo models -
    Laura Leslie and her friend.

Also thanks to:

    Barbara, Janice, Jennifer, Sam, Li, Rob, Laura and Katy.

Kathryn Sylva
Assistant Professor of Design
Design Program
Department of Environmental Design
University of California, Davis
Robin Lasser
Assistant Professor of Art
Coordinator Photography Area
School of Art and Design
San Jose Sate University