Robin's Mother's Story Anorexia California

I remember when you where anorexic. Your face had this hollowed look. You stared at us with dark, vacant eyes. Wherever we went all eyes were on you. You looked like a freak, the haunted look of the starving. Almost psychotic, I suppose.

I remember seeing you from behind as you stepped into the shower. I had to leave the room crying. Your back and arms were covered with dark hair. Your skin stretched tightly over your bones. I was shocked to see your backbone sticking out like a tail. You looked like a monkey, not really human.

The doctor asked us to bring a picture to the psychiatric ward. We had a portrait of you, taken before you became anorexic. He wanted to hang it on your mirror as a reality check, to see if you said you looked the same. All the people, even the crazies in the hospital wept when they saw the picture.

When you first came out of the hospital, every hour was torture. The only relief I had were the hours you spent in school. I knew you were safe at Francis Parker. Special children with special needs went there. You were back in the real world but in a protected environment, like a safe home, you could say.

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