Robin's Brother's Story Anorexia California

My memory of your anorexia revolves around the family dynamics changing drastically. I wasn't in the same position. Right before you got sick I felt the closest with mom. That was jerked out from under me. Mom and Dad were constantly arguing with each other over how to get you to eat with out upsetting you. They were nervous and on edge all the time. I had never seen this look on Dad's face before which read "How did I fail at something?" His hair seemed to turn white over night.

I became very anxious, but since you were the sick one, I had to play the role of the hero. I remember going with you and the whole family to the hospital in Irvine. I had to be the supportive one even though I was only sixteen. Mom and Dad would say, "If Robin needs you, you better be there. She's almost dying and she is being fed intravenously. " There were some close calls, you only weighed 39 pounds. I also felt some fear for your health. But I also felt that Mom and Dad didn't have any room for me. They felt my depression was just an act. I felt wronged. Dad would say "I'm not going to let her die because of your need to vie for attention." I felt like you were manipulating everyone's emotions. You put us in a Catch 22 where we couldn't win.

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