A Sister's Story Friends and Family

I don't have anorexia, and I hope I never will. But my brother had it. Luckily he didn't have it as bad. He didn't exactly have anorexia, but he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). When he was in grade 8, he began to not eat. He would always do things over again too, like close the door twice or something annoying like that. He was always pale and his cheekbones would stick out. He was short and weighed 90 pounds, but I would look at him and feel sad that he was suffering like this. But of course I was only 10, so I didn't think much of it.

But my mom was heartbroken, she would cry a lot and it made me upset that my brother was doing this. My dad on the other hand got angry and forced my brother to eat sometimes, and I would run away crying. My dad wasn't abusive but he didn't know how to handle it. So my parents and brother got counseling for a year. Slowly things began to get normal. His OCD began to stop and he started to eat normally again. Now he's in his first year of University, and he eats a lot! He has grown a lot too, he's a healthy eighteen year old, and he's very fit, he works out, eats well, vegetables, meat, potatoes, and stays away from sweets! I'm very proud of him for getting through this. You can to!