Crytal's Story - friend of Shauna Family & Friends

My name is Crystal and I have a best friend dealing with this type of disease. I've known her for about two and a half years, but we've been really close for about a year and a half. Her name is Shauna and she has been dealing with it for about four years. Her disorder is anorexia nervosa.

From the beginning of our friendship she has been living with this disease. Along with many other problems on top of that . I've tried to be as understanding as possible and I have been there for her as much as I know how. Most would say that it would be an extra problem they had to deal with and not even try to work through it, but I think differently about it. True, it's not the easiest to deal with, but it also isn't the hardest. I would much rather be as close if not closer with Shauna right now and have to deal with this problem then not try at all. That is how much our friendship means to me.

Yeah, it hurts to see her go through this, but what would hurt even worse was if I wasn't able to be there for her like I am now. It's weird, but sometimes I'm glad that I have these kind of things in life right now. It opens my eyes to something I would usually not try to see. Not everything's easy and if it was we wouldn't be normal. People have things that are going to happen to them, good and bad, but would it be fair to judge them because of that. When she tells me what she has thought about doing or did it makes me feel like I haven't done what I'm suppose to be doing. Which is trying to help her not think about it or want to even think about doing it.

From the beginning of our friendship I have felt like I am here to be what you would want to call her guardian angel. Somebody that was there "24-7" through good times and especially bad. So when she tells me that she just done something like cutting herself I feel I've not done my job. I don't get mad or make her feel like she screwed up because it's not her fault. That what I try and make her understand. Yes she's the one that took the razor blade to her wrist, but the person that was telling her to do it isn't the person that I know is inside. Shauna is a good person and I haven't and don't ever plan on judging her. She has been through a lot and a lot of it I can relate to. I am going to be there for her NO MATTER WHAT!!! I love her with all my heart and I WILL NOT LOSE HER!!! She is the best thing that has happened to me yet and she will get through this, but when I don't know. I don't plan on leaving her so whenever that day does come when she is cured I will be there with balloons cheering her on!!!!!!!!