Amy Jackson's Story Disordered Eating Hinesville, GA

My name is Amy Jackson. I am from Hinesville, GA, but I am currently attending Southeastern College in Lakeland, Fl. My eating disorder started in the 9th grade. It was a way of controlling something in my life since everything else was way out of control. You see, I was raped in the 7th grade. We moved the summer after 7th grade. I totally suppressed the feelings from what happened to me. The summer after that year, we moved back to the town where the rape took place. I started high school and saw the guy who did everything to me. This started the eating disorder. It went on through high school, on and off. It also went on 'cause my mom was trying to control my life and this was something I could control. I am doing lots better now. God touched my life. Sometimes I still struggle, but He is always there for me to pick me up.