Shelby's Story Disordered Eating

Never was I really Anorexic nor Bulimic. Ever since I turned 8, weight was the main focus of my life. I am a former gymnast, I started when I was 3 in hopes of making the Olympic team. After years of hard work and being mentally and physically abused for so long, I started to diet compulsively. Injuries drove me from the sport that I once loved dearly. Always small by nature, people have commented on how jealous they are because I'm so thin. After I quit gymnastics, my obsession continued. Now I'm in the sixth grade. At twelve years old, I stand 4'11" and weigh 84 pounds. I am currently eating 300 calories a day and almost pass out every time I sit down from jogging three miles a day. Each day as I wake up, my former coaches words resound in my head time after time saying,, "Suck it in! If you're thin, you win!" Hopefully I will beat this demon, but I need some help along the way. Thank you. -Shelby