Raymond's Story Compulsive Eating

My story in many ways similar to all the others. - If I don't eat, I don't think about food and there is no problem with compulsive eating. As soon as I eat something, I don't stop. I do not get full, nor do I feel hungry. When I do try to eat just a little bit to stop a craving, I eat all of whatever it is and look for more to eat.

I am fat. I have diabetes. I am dying.

By not being able to control my eating I am killing myself. I have won many battles in my life but this one I am losing. I am battling the most worthy adversary I've come across, me. I am suffering the effects of type II diabetes which has been made much worse due to eating.

I have come to the conclusion that there are many similarities in compulsive eating as there is in drug addiction which is why I refer to it as food addiction. I believe the problem may stem from an insufficient level of seratonin in the brain. We already know seratonin controls many things.

Why do I think it may be seratonin deficiency? Based on the article in Time about anti-depressants, it made note of how psychedelic drugs worked by making various receptors to seratonin more responsive. This is why people "saw things" on LSD and the like. Well, I was one of those that tried LSD in the 60s. I had access to some of the most potent versions available. The interesting thing is that it had absolutely no effect on me. Even when I took doses large enough to put a normal person into the mental health ward for a while. I think the low level of seratonin might be the reason why LSD had no effect and I believe this may be a key to food addiction.

I just wish there was something I could do, I am only 44 years old, I have already had a triple bypass operation, surgery on my eyes, ulcers on my foot that took a year and a half to close up (but not completely healed), the early signs of kidney failure and more.

I try to keep my spirits up, I try to "do the right things" I try to exercise, I try to eat healthy. It gets so overwhelming.

My darkest feeling is that I know I have lost the biggest battle of my life. I will lose my life because I am addicted to food. The medical community doesn't believe me, the insurance companies won't help with preventative programs. I don't know what to do anymore.

I just hope that you, take the idea of inadequate levels of seratonin seriously and help find a treatment for this serious disorder.