Jennifer's Story
San Jose, California

Compulsive Eating

Start with the fried rice leftovers with intentions of eating like a normal, healthy individual. Sit down in front of the TV and don't bother paying attention to what you eat. Five minutes after finishing the fried rice discover the block of cheese that is going to waste. Get out the tortillas and start to make a quesadilla. While you wait for the microwave to heat it, eat as many slices of cheese as you can. While eating your first quesadilla, start your second. As that is heating up, finish the block of cheese. Now you are a bit thirsty and feel like you need something sweet, go ahead and pour yourself a bowl of cereal. Then a second and a third...until you have finished the box and are out of milk. Now start on the loaf of bread. Butter each slice, untoasted (toasting takes too long) and heap the cinnamon sugar on. Continue with each slice, one at a time until the loaf is gone. To get your mind off the your severe stomach pain mix up the brownies. Use a spoon to eat the mixture raw. Wash this down with 2-3 cans of diet root beer. Now go into your bedroom, change into your jammies pull the covers up over your head and try to fall asleep.
1 plate of fried rice leftovers
2 tortillas
1 block of nonfat cheddar cheese
1/2 box of Lucky Charms
1/2 gal. nonfat milk
1 loaf sliced white bread
1 c. butter
1 c. cinnamon sugar
1 box brownie mix (light)
2-3 cans of diet root beer