Anonymous Story Compulsive Eating

Unfortunately, I guess I fall under the category of compulsive eating disorders. Two years ago, I started the Zone Diet, which is a 40-30-30 balance of carbos, protein and fat. I'm 5', and started at 116 pounds. Five months later, I was down to around 90 pounds. I thought I looked awesome, wearing my size 1 jeans. Everyone around me thought I was anorexic, and tried to make me eat. I ate. Cottage cheese and apples, but there were days when I only drank milk, because it was "balanced". Fortunately, I got myself off of that regimen, but fell into a deeper rut. I now eat normal foods, but binge like crazy. After work, or on the way home, I stop and buy raw cookie dough, or brownie mixes, pint of ice name it. I would eat the dough on the way home, not even waiting until I got there. I would make the brownies, put them in the oven, and take them out 10 minutes later to eat raw because I couldn't wait. I'm not so bad now, but I do have my mini-chocolate binges. My method- not purging, but exercising- makes me feel better afterwards. I just wish I could stop. I've forgotten what it's like to eat normally.