Robin's Story Bulimia Nervosa La Crosse, Wisconsin

Hi my name is Robin, and I am from La Crosse Wisconsin. My eating disorder surfaced when I was 17 which started out as bulimia. I never binged and purged....I just purged whatever I ate, never gorged myself in food. This continued until I was 19 and started not eating, I did this for a month and figured that it was too hard to do...I was down to 116lbs at the time (started at 130lbs a month before) I then descovered laxatives and their ability to make you lose up to 8 lbs of water weight a day. I took up to 10-12 pills a day and within a month I was down to 100lbs. I didn't know what else to do to lose anymore weight, so I decied to up my pill intake. I would eat a meal and every time I ate I would take 4-5 laxatives....Until I started going to the bathroom. At this time my family noticed that something was wrong and called my doctor and I started treatment...I was very unwilling! A couple months later I was down to 94lbs and was hospitalized due to dehydration and malnutrition...I continued my treatment and got "better" and gained some weight back during the next 6-8 months.

Then I was doing good until I was 21, feeling fat and ugly again I decided to fall back into what I had known for so long...this continued for a while and then I became pregnant with my twin soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped doing what I was keeping from everyone, throwing up again...After the birth of them I was feeling good until about a month ago--they are 10 months old now, I'm 23 and starting to purge again...even if I just eat 3-4 crackers...I am starting to get help next week and try to fight this monster within me....try to conquer it and win....