Natalie's Story Bulimia Nervosa

jeez, you are soo fucking brave to do this, to "show and tell" about your experience. its scary that i know exactly what you are talking about. but i have to tell you, websites like these really inspire and motivate me. i promised that i will not barf anymore after visiting this site yesterday for an hour and going through all of the personal stories. although i know i've promised before i think i'll stick to this time. i don't want a fucking dislocated jaw or fucked up teeth. and i have to say "barf" because its an ugly word which suits its ugly description when it is induced. puke and purge sound so little and clean. bulimia is pure bile, pure bitch, pure evil.

i have to tell someone and no one else knows so i'll tell you. now my parents are really pissed and they're like "you have to get over this now. you're starting grade soon and you need to concentrate on your work. it's summer, you have time to get over this. do it now so you won't have to worry about it during to year."

what the fuck??? is this something i could just say, i hate you, bye? no !! some people although they gain weight, are always in the mind set of an anorexic. some people are never cured!!! do you get what i am saying? they expect me to just "cooperate" with a fucking therapist and everything will be fine by the time i start school. FUCK ANYONE WHO THINKS THIS! i am so pissed. i dunno, its like, if a person is depressed, you say, i'm sick of you being depressed and i can see you don't like it so let's go and not be depressed anymore. what am i saying? do you understand me? please tell me if you do. thank you soo soo much.

ps. this is the first time i have cried in months