Linda's Story Bulimia Nervosa Sacramento, California

hellooo. i read with amazement the article in today's Bee. i have been struggling with bulimia for nearly 30 years, and for the first 10 i had no idea anyone else shared my secret shame, let alone that there was even a name for it. what impresses me most about your project is its in-your-face approach, that we can be out of the toilet so to speak. i came out in my own way with a composition that I have been performing with my band, draw pinky, for the past 6 years. while it is one of our most requested and popular songs, not once has anyone asked me about the bulimic aspect. smile....granted, we take a rather twisted and comical approach to it, but it quickly gets rather dark and graphic.

this song is available on our first recording, Idiot Glee. if you are interested, i can get you a copy or it can be ordered from our website, (draw pinky's 7th planet). we are also performing Friday, Nov. 20 at the Savoy 615 bistro/cabaret in old town Folsom.

Women in Bon-bondage

Suzy had a red sweater, red sweater,
fits her better
since she's been on Nutri-slim,
look at what great shape sheĖs in.
Got herself a new job, a new life, a new love.
He wants her long and sleek and thin,
doesn't want a double chin.

but ooooooooo
the lure of hot croissants,
they look so elegant
with chocolate oozing out.
She stuffs it in her mouth....
Women in bon-bondage.

Martha knew she wasn't thin,
on diet pills since she was ten.
When the pills wouldn't do, she looked up dealers that she knew.
Once seduced by their charms,
she lined them up inside her arms;
found a way to subsidize
slender arms and skinny thighs.

Mama worried about her girl,
she stayed out every night.
Mom knew that wasnĖt right,
but damn, her ass was tight.
Women in bon-bondage.

Martha's cruising broadway in a spandex skirt,
Suzy's found a new way to invent dessert.
Sally's trying to squeeze into last year's coat,
Suzy's got her fingers going down her throat.

Aspirations, titillation's, augmentations, salivation's;
Obsession, repression, connections, hard lessons.

Carla has a secret friend she visits every night at ten.
Once the kids are under covers, she finds her secret lover's
cool embrace
and starts to feed her face
on anything that she can find,
pizza sauce to melon rind.

Carla falls down on her knees.
Let porcelain appease
the torture in her soul.
She knows she's lost control,
but she gets another bowl...
women in bon-bondage.

Martha's cruisin' broadway in a spandex skirt,
Suzy's found a new way to invent dessert.
Sally's trying to squeeze into last year's coat,
Suzy's got her fingers going down her throat.

Laxatives, sedatives, fixatives, three kids.

ooooooooo women in bon-bondage.
I can't function without some liposuction.
ooooooooo women in bon-bondage.
I can't fuck until i get a tuck.
ooooooooo women in bon-bondage.
We'd like you better if you were dipped in cheddar.
ooooooooo women in bon-bondage.
Size B, size D.
Size 12, size 3.
ooooooooo women in bon-bondage.

ooooooooo chili con car-carnage.

It's a battle field; lines are drawn.
Sally won't quit until she gets her coat on.
thank you for your vision and the courage to approach with the
unapproachable. i do believe that had i information and support when i was 16,
i would not have battled this demon alone for so long. moreover, he would have
had a name and a face...a much more tangible opponent.