Another Jenny Story Bulimia

I was reading your site and thinking about the people who had sent these stories in. Thinking oh, this is not an eating disorder and maybe it is, but I don't intend to stop now. I just now decided to send in my story because I have been bulimic for only 1 month now. I want to tell someone because I guess I'm not a very good secret keeper. I just recently got out of charter behavioral system for "being depressed." I may have been, but charter is no place to be when you're depressed.

I was not bulimic then and don't really know why I am now. I was at my friend's house the first time this started. I'm 16 and so is she. We both decided we wanted to be skinny and tan by Spring Break. She is really the only one who knows about this. She is already skinny and decided to be anorexic. Me on the other hand am not skinny and decided to be bulimic because I like to eat. I am 5'7" and weigh 135 lbs. I don't look terrible but I donŐt look good.

Anyway, we ate dinner and I went to her bathroom to try to throw up for the first time. It wouldn't work. It took me a very long time so I decided on a quick reason to go home. When I got home, I ate a little more and threw it all up. Boy that was the best feeling ever. It has been a month now and I think I might have eaten 5 normal size meals since then. I can't seem to lose enough weight. People say my face and stomach are getting thinner but I don't notice it, I wouldn't. I feel very in control of my "problem" and think I can stop whenever I want to. I eat like a normal person should and always have a good excuse to go to the bathroom afterwards so I'm sure no one will notice this. I will stop whenever it becomes a problem with my life.

I just read most of the stories and I don't really understand how this gets out of hand. Anyone who has recovered I know will look at my story and think I'm stupid. I know how bad some of those people are going to want to help me out, but no thanks, I got it on my own.