Dede's Story Bulimia Nervosa

In doing research in conjunction with my pathology and acupuncture classes on eating disorders, I came across your "stories" I'm not sure what I was looking for but I what I did find was a pit inside my stomach like I was still living it. I feel that way because it is something I lived with and still continues to haunt me although not physically but it some emotionally way.

I suffered from bulimia from l7, well into my 30's. I started by throwing up occasionally and worked my way to a 25-30 Correctol habit a night. I wish I could fully explain how it happened, but I don't know except that I always wanted to be everything to everybody. Was in a bad, or at least emotional relationship for years, before that a bad marriage, got into a business I knew nothing about and never felt good enough. At 5'8" 105 pounds I was never thin enough even though my boyfriend called me his little Biafren.

I was lucky, I didn't have the finances to seek the help I needed and probably could still heal with, but I was reading a news article one day in the Local newspaper about bulimia and knew that when any of my friends read it, they would recognize it as me and my long hidden secretÉAlways wondering why I was so thin, had lost so much weight, they would now know. I stopped that day and almost died, although I had almost died a couple of times before that due to the lack of electrolytes in my system.

I'm 48 years old now, still have a bad digestive system, bad teeth, but I'm alive, successful, changing careers, studying to be in traditional Chinese medicine - herbs and acupuncture - hoping I can help others heal before it is too late.