Leanne's Story Bulimia Nervosa

Where do I start, or should I say when did it start. It first start when I was 17 years old, wanting to be accepted, by others and thinking the only way was to be slim. So the odd meal here and there, nothing too major but it happened once a day over a period of 5 years, then slowly it faded, away, that is until the birth of my second child.

Now I am 29 years old, it start once a fortnight or if I overate, then became once a week, then after a while my marriage hit rock-bottom. Now bulimia is in my life, any where from a "good day" of twice a day, and a "bad day" of vomiting six times. Now and for a while no fingers are needed. The funny thing is, it is really isolating and lonely and you think you're the only one with this weird thing that's happening to you.

Bulimia is easy to let in to your life, but bloody hard to get out. I am the thinnest I have ever been and still petrified of putting the weight on. Always tired and always cold. To others I am very thin, to me I need to lose more. How does it stop? Do ever look at food without looking at the weight that's about to go to your hips, bum etc? When will it stop?