Chaya's Story Bulimia

I guess the problem really started when I was seven. I was given or found a bottle of ippicac, and started using it. I don't remember the whole situation. My mother had died, my dad was married to a lady I don't care for even today. My dad would stay up with me when I was sick, so I chose to be sick. Later, I started using ex-lax or Pepto Bismol, which works too well for me.

My dad kicked me out when I was nine, and it really did me a favor. I went to live with my uncle and aunt who didn't know how bad things were until I got there. The family ate together, there were no abuse substances in the house, and I did fine for several years.

When I was 14, I was emancipated, but stayed close to my aunt and uncle, then the state of Oregon got involved in my life. I'm now 35, and they still haven't stopped harassing me. I started using ippicac again, but never got caught. These guys were off in la-la land if they didn't know what was going on. I ended up in a foster home, after being on my own for two years.

Things are okay now. I still have eating issues. I don't do well eating alone, my friends often eat with me. I have since gotten married and have a daughter, Miracle, because I really should never have survived the eating disorders, and I had lukemia at the same time, and I'm alive. Chemotherapy usually causes sterility, so the name fits. Thank You Chaya