Samuel's Story Anorexia London, England

My name is Samuel, I am a 21 year old art student from London, England, and having just found your site I would like to say a BIG thank you for placing it "out there" as it were. I'm stuck in a very strange position within the wonderful world of eating disorders, a male anorexic. The fact that people don't really realize men can suffer in exactly the same way, and to the exact same level, almost cost me my life (I'm sorry for the melodrama, but bare with me!). I suppose I'm contacting you to just let you know this site is reaching men as well as women, and if anorexia can ignore sexual barriers, then doctors, teachers and anyone else who has contact with sufferers should ignore them too. Don't worry, the melodramatic bit is over now! (Sorry!) I'm thinking about putting my story onto your site, but as you can guess, it's not the easiest thing in the world! Well I'll let you get on, but repeat my thank you...keep up the good work.

Sorry to be so melodramatic etc., just had to say something! Sorry.

Have a good New Year!