Evelyn's Story Anorexia Nervosa

I'm 43 and a purging anorexic. I go for days without food. When I eat, I purge. My weight is low. If I eat one meal my family thinks all is ok. They treat me nice. If I'm not eating they say mean things. I started 3 yrs ago on a diet I haven't gotten off of.at that time I was told I was fat and a failure. Most people stay away saying I'm stupid. My son who is 18 says he will kill himself before he watches me die from an ed. I'm in therapy and he's great. Recently I really want my ed to cope with all the problems. There were many supressed abuse issues I recently am remembering. I want others to know I don't do this for attention. And its not as easy, or simple as just go eat something. I have been doing well for 2 wks but I have decided I feel much more comfortable and safe with my ed. No one wants to learn about ed in my family or about me. They just want to take it away from me. It seems people are so unaware of what we go through and they don't care to learn. I'm not stupid or one of those skinny freaks.