Kris's Story Anorexic and Compulsive Eating

I struggled with my weight for eleven years. I have been an anorexic and a compulsive overeater, and I have learned that the temptation to focus on the body is a manipulative little imp. I often asked myself "Why don't you just stop thinking about food?" (It is interesting to note that upon asking many men how they relate to food 99% of them replied "I just don't think about it.") Every time I went into a bookstore I always gravitated toward the Diet and Exercise section, all the while thinking, "Maybe this book has the cure-all. Maybe I'll just try to get into awesome shape this one last time." So I would proceed to get psyched about a new eating and fitness plan and then drop it a few days later. I used to think I was sabotaging myself, but now I know that deep down my soul was trying to tell me there is a far richer way to travel through life.

Women want to be thin and beautiful because the attainment of culturally-defined "beauty" is a sure-fire recipe for happiness. If you do not yet know the secret of true happiness, it is silly to say that looking trim and gorgeous will not give you a sense of elation. It most certainly will. I mean, what sane person would put themselves through such hell if the rewards weren't so great? After all, being fat with no hope of escape is a fate worse than any self-inflicted torture, right? WRONG. My friends, it is all a lie......a lie perpetrated by society that has sunk its little claws into your brain.

I am here to tell you that there is a joy inside of you that is far, FAR greater than any rush you might get in a size 2 dress. It is not a flimsy feeling of happiness, it is a state of bliss brought on by the fact that you are finally FREE!!!! If you think you can find this bliss through the appearance of your body, you will continue to pursue thinness until you discover, like I did, that it was all a lie. It took me eleven years to realize that none of this was worth it. I wish for all of you beautiful souls to know that the outside world is full of fool's gold. The real treasure lies inside. If you knew for one minute how wonderful it feels to be free of your chains, you would never go back. You don't know me, but if I ever see you in a bookstore, I will think you are beautiful inside and out. Much love and life.......