Amy's Story Anorexia Nervosa

Hi, my name is Amy and I started having eating problems at the time of 5th grade. I was young, pretty, and very tall for my age so I was use to being around smaller kids who weighed less than me. Anorexia never hit me until 8th grade.

I started out not eating breakfast and forgetting my lunch on purpose. This made my friends worried. They asked me why I was doing this, and I would simply respond "I'm not fast enough at basketball, and I'm not the best at soccer." They didn't understand, since I had always been a few pounds underweight. During that same summer I was down to 105 pounds and 5"8. I wasn't doing very well, so I sought help. It never really hit me about what I was doing to myself until I went to camp and I got sick. Since then I continued counseling and overcame anorexia.