Anonymous Story Anorexia Nervosa

Hi, I am 16 yrs old and battling anorexia. I was a skinny child, not thin, but skinny. From the stages of being a kid and becoming a teenager I had never exercised, ate whatever I want and somehow by the age of 14 I thought I was fat. I lost my dad when I was 3 and lived with my grandma because my mom was a drug abuser. My grandmother died when I was 9 so I had some tied up feeling going through me.

I kept it to myself, never sharing anything with anybody. Every time I looked in the mirror I couldnÕt stand my appearance. I was fat, I wasnÕt really fat but could stand to lose bout 5 lbs. I started a new school in 7th grade and had a great 8th grade year. I guess my anorexia started when the summer before my 9th grade year when a friend told me this guy said I was getting fat. I couldn't stand the fact that people thought I was fat. I hated myself.

So I started eating no junk food, doing 200 sit-ups a night and in a month I lost 7lbs. This wasnÕt enough for me I wanted to lose more on my 5'7Ó 135 body frame. So I started eating almost nothing but 5 crackers a day and some fruit and only water. I decided to run cross country as a sophomore and was running 4 miles a day plus 500 sit-ups every night in that whole month I lost 25 lbs. and still thought I was fat I loved the compliment "oh you're so skinnyÉyou look so goodÓ... but I still wasnÕt happy. I remember looking at the scale, 110pds and I wanted 100 lbs. so I determined to get there.

I eventually started eating absolutely nothing, drinking water and running and exercising way too much.. My family got worried and took me to a doctor, I put weights around my ankles and that made me look like I weighed ten lbs more so they thought it was just a teenager thing.. however it wasnÕt.. I eventually did get to 100 even less. My brothers were so worried.. I hated foodÉit was my worst enemy.

One day when I was running cross country I passed out and worried everyone. I was taken to the ER and they said I had anorexia I fought and argued that I didnÕt but they put me on a feeding tube because I just would not eat...when they weighed me and I gained 7 lbs. I ripped the tubes out and this day I am still anorexic I am overcoming it day by day. I am currently 5'7 103 lbs.

Just a little advice- if you think someone if overweight, keep it to yourself. Nobody cares what you think. It may not affect some people but to others they cant get over it, so just mind your own business.

One day food will not be my enemy anymore and I will overcome anorexia.