Lisa's story Anorexia/Bulimia Los Angeles, California

Hi, my name is Lisa. I live in Los Angeles, California. I am in recovery from seven years of anorexia nervosa (with moments of bulimia and overeating). I now work at The Rader Institute and counsel other people who are still suffering from these awful and life-ruining disorders. I've attempted to "save" everyone I can, including my friend Caron who at one point weighed 43 pounds, but I can't. I can help. I can't save, but I can help.

When I was sick, my body distorted from 135 to 92 pounds at 5"6'. I choked down laxatives and diet pills, passed out, hospitalized, and had on going nightmares of food, weight, obsession, hate, blame, loss, anger, shame, and self-doubt. For me, being skinny was never enough. I wanted someone else to "save" me too, but I finally learned that I had to do it myself and lean on others for help. I am lucky because I did not lose my life.

The anorexia did leave it's mark, I have osteoporosis at age 25 (bone loss in my back) and my chances of having children are slim (hormone imbalance and amenorrhea from malnutrition). But I am alive and I am actually HAPPY. I feel good and have energy. I don't think about food and weight constantly. I am free.